MRR Music Group was created in 2018 as an umbrella for US-based record label Melodic Revolution Records, its sub-label PeacockSunrise Records, two music news blogs Power of Prog & ReZonatZ including, Melodic Revolution Radio, an internet radio station with six channels all located in sunny Florida


Melodic Revolution Records (MRR). Founded in 2006, is an independent label that offers a wide variety of music genres while specializing in progressive rock. Artists on our roster include Ten Jinn, The Gardening Club, Peter Matuchniak, AmuZeum, Voyager IV, Time’s Forgotten among others with over 100 releases to date. Our objective has always been to bring the world the best new music while constantly pushing the envelope to ensure we are leading and never following. No two artists on the label sound alike; this is for good reason; music should be the embodiment of an inspired soul. We are a family of musicians and individuals working together with one goal in mind, creating good music. Our well-oiled teams endeavor to ignite something deep within our listeners, cultivating memories that we hope you will revisit often; music should stand the test of time whilst firmly grounding you in that first experience. It is through this family atmosphere that new collaborations have evolved helping to move us ever forward in our diverse and inclusive musical culture.

At Melodic Revolution Radio, we strive to be different from most current radio stations which have long forgotten what makes music great… DIVERSITY, because it’s about the music.

We want people to listen to music for what it is, and not because of a specific formula. Formatting our playlist this way means that people may discover music they love, and music they may have never discovered on radio

As for the labels… we will leave the listener to decide what kind of music it is.

Our mission is simple…
“Bringing together the music listener with music that inspires and makes us think while cultivating memories. We play the music that we feel will stand the test of time.”

PeacockSunrise Records (PSR) was launched on December 5th, 2018 as an imprint of Progressive Rock label Melodic Revolution Records (MRR) based in Florida. PSR is an Alternative Crossover label and the home Sun King Rising, Allison vonBuelow (Scarlet Hollow Echoes Landing), Steve Bonino, as well as Elfin Bow, stylistically PSR has been known to release Rock, Pop, Blues, Singer-songwriter, Alternative, and whatever else moves us music. Our promise is to continue to release the same quality of music we now release via MRR, to date we have released five albums, a 7″ 45 and a few digital singles.

Launched as a Social Network on September 29th, 2009; Power of Prog is the brainchild of Nick Katona, President of Florida based independent grassroots record label Melodic Revolution Records. The label specializes in what is called Progressive Rock, and its many sub-genres.

The idea of a progressive thinking social network, news, and music site came to Nick in early 2009 after becoming frustrated with having to go to various sites to fill his music needs. MySpace was failing as a social network and Facebook was still very sterile when it came to music.

We are very proud that for the last three years Power of Prog has been
recognized as one of the top 100 music blog sites in the world, according to feedspot

ReZonatZ, a music blog dedicated to exposing all aspects and styles of current and emerging artists with exclusive interviews, music news, reviews, giveaways, and more. ReZonatZ was launched on April 21st, 2020. Our goal is to serve the needs of others as ambassadors of goodwill and music.

Nick Katona founder and president of Melodic Revolution Records (MRR) joined the RoSfest team in early 2021 as a vice president and Director, while becoming a festival sponsor. RoSFest (The Rites of Spring Festival) is one of North America’s longest-running and most beloved art-rock music festivals, featuring over 166 bands from around the globe in its 16-year tenure. We couldn’t be happier to head into 2022, after 2 long years without live music. With a new Board of Directors, a fresh vision, and most importantly, three days of groundbreaking, mind-melting live shows to remind us why RoSFest rocks!